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Football (or soccer) is the most popular sport in the world outside of the United States. The sport is by far the most well-liked activity on the planet. More over half of the world’s population watches or plays soccer regularly. Naturally, many of these followers also enjoy wagering on soccer.

Do you wish to wager on your favorite soccer team but lack the requisite knowledge of betting odds? Do you want some advice on how to begin betting on the most popular sport in the world? Then you should read this article. We’ll cover the essentials and get you set up for success in the thrilling world of online soccer betting.


The 2016 Soccer Betting Sites That Offer the Best Bonuses to New Customers and How to Read the Odds When Placing a Bet

The odds your online bookie or local bookmaker offers may differ from those offered in another country with a different soccer/football association. Western Europeans can typically choose between fractional and decimal odds when betting on soccer. Even though gamblers get to pick the odds format they prefer, it helps to be familiar with the two most common kinds.


Percentage Chances


Fractional odds are the preferred odds in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and you’ll find them at bookies like William Hill and Bet365 on London’s High Street. Popularity of fractional odds can be attributed to their simplicity.


The sum wagered is indicated by the denominator, which is the figure on the right. The payout from the bet is shown in the numerator, which is the number on the left. Take a look at these fractional odds on an English Premier League match:


Against Chelsea, United is favored by 10 points.


Manchester United is the favorite and Chelsea is the underdog in this scenario.


A bettor would need to wager €140 on Manchester United to win €100. Your bet would look like this if you were utilizing fractional odds and counting your original wager back into the stake:


Man Utd. receives €140, gives €240


If you win and your initial bet is included in the total, your net profit will be €100.


This is what your bet slip may look like if you put €100 on the underdog Chelsea:


Tossing Chelsea €100 yields €400


If your wager wins at 3/1, you will receive €400 (your initial stake plus your profit of €300).


Probability expressed as a decimal


The most popular form of odds is the decimal system. Bettors on the Continent of Europe typically use these odds, which are also known as European odds. It’s also simple to figure out what these odds are.


To figure out how much money you’ve won, multiply your bet by the decimal odds. Here’s yet more case in point.


Sunderland 2,5 to Manchester City’s 1.6


The structure of a €100 wager on Manchester City is as follows:


€100 x 1.6 = €160


You get your initial bet of €100 back, plus any winnings from it (up to €60).


€100 x 2.5 = €250


If you bet on Sunderland as an underdog, you could win this much. It takes into consideration both your initial bet of €100 and any prospective winnings of €150.


Different Bets on Soccer

Now that you know how the odds work, we’ll go through some of the more common and unique ways to wager on soccer games.


For those not familiar with soccer betting, it is important to know that all wagers (unless otherwise noted) are for the full 90 minutes of play plus injury time. Goals scored in overtime or during penalty shootouts are not factored into the final tally or side totals.




Simply put, you’re rooting for one team to win. Bet on the outcome of the game by backing the squad you believe will come out on top.




Bettors in most football games will have the option of wagering on a total goal score of either under or above 2.5.  If the over/under is set at 2.5, then the game must end in under 90 minutes plus injury time to settle all bets.




Future games in each league can be bet on with this form of betting. These bets can be placed weeks or even months before the season begins. Over the course of a season, the odds will shift.


Futures betting lets you wager on a variety of events, such as the league champion, relegation candidates, domestic cup champions, and more.


wagers on propositions


There is an almost infinite number of possible wagers for each individual game. Some common bets include the total number of corners taken, the first goal scorer, and the number of players used. Oddsmakers will likely provide an almost infinite variety of wagers on major matchups like the UEFA Champions League final.


Gambling On

Some of the most typical wagers placed through an online bookmaker include those listed below. Learn about the various wagering options here.




The most common sort of wager is a straight bet on a single side or total.


Accumulators and Multipliers


These bets are equivalent to the American parlay in all but name. Two separate bets are combined into one Double. In order to cash in on your gains, both wagers must come out on top. Similar to a Straight Bet, but with three separate wagers, is a Treble.


Accumulators are wagers with five or more legs. Once again, if one wager fails, they all fail.


In-Play Wagering


The popularity of in-play wagering has skyrocketed during the past decade. Bettors can take advantage of constantly changing odds in a fast-paced environment. Live betting is available at most of the major bookies that feature football betting.  All bets and odds are dynamic and changed in real time.


The Best Football Leagues in the World

There are likely hundreds of football leagues, each with its own rules and degree of competitiveness, spread out around the globe. The most prestigious football leagues and tournaments from around the globe will be discussed here.


The English First Division


The English Premier League (EPL) is one of, if not the most popular sports league in the world. On a weekly basis, it reaches an audience of 600 million across more than 180 countries. The audience for a regular season match between Manchester United and Chelsea dwarfs that for the American Super Bowl.


The FA Cup, the oldest football tournament in the world, is the most prestigious domestic cup in England. The Football League Championship features a three-team promotion and relegation system.


Primera Division, Espaol


The Primera Division is Spain’s highest level of professional soccer. Some of the top players in the world may be found in the Spanish league commonly known as “La Liga” in the English-speaking world. Real Madrid and Barcelona, two incredibly talented teams, have dominated the last half-century.


Real Madrid and Barcelona have also dominated the Copa del Rey, the country’s most prestigious domestic cup. There are three teams that can be relegated or promoted between La Liga and Segunda Division.


It’s time for the UEFA Champions League!


The Champions League is Europe’s premier club football tournament, showcasing the continent’s best teams throughout the year. Qualifying and the play-off round begin in the middle of July, followed by the group stage and the final knockout round. Each May, at a neutral location, a single game decides the winner.


Free Advice on Online Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is an involved pastime, and whole books have been published on the subject of winning bets. But the following advice will get you off to a good start. Get off to a flying start by reading these pointers and conducting your own study.


Realize Your Position


As was previously indicated, bets can be placed on hundreds of different football leagues from all over the world. Soccer gamblers absolutely must be conversant with the major leagues. If you plan on placing bets, it’s important to familiarize yourself with every league, no matter how obscure. It doesn’t matter what league you bet on, knowing the managers, local derbies, and team tactics is crucial.


Group Cohesion


To properly assess a game, one must be aware of the recent form of both teams, as well as their away and home records. Find out how they’ve fared in previous meetings against the opposition and where they’ve played best this season. Is there anything that could give them an edge over their rival? Do they have their sights set on a big derby game coming up in a few days?


Updates from the Squad


Obviously, you need to know what’s going on with each club right now in order to find betting opportunities. See whether there have been any reports of player injuries, suspensions, disagreements with the coach, or rifts in the locker room. There is no universally correct response from clubs. You must determine how the present circumstances relate to the line.


Get the Best Deal Possible


Line shopping is essential before placing any bets on sports. You need to find the best line at a trustworthy online bookmaker if you want to keep your advantage over the oddsmakers. When looking for the best odds possible, betting exchanges are a great choice because you are up against a community of your peers. It also provides numerous opportunities for middling and scalping, allowing you to secure a profit before the game even begins.






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